Explore the sculptures, artworks and design details found in Zimmermann stores throughout Australia, the United States, France, Italy and England.

Gaetano Pesce 'Spaghetti Special Vase' 1995 in Cannes ZIMMERMANN boutique
A large vase and arm chair in our Cannes store
A parrot sculpture on a table in our Paris store
Artwork hung on the walls in our Emporium store
Artwork by Tom Polo hung above a clothing rack in Palm Beach
Vintage Brass wall sconce in our Soho store
Vintage 1940s Wall light in our Paris store
A painting by Tom Polo in our Emporium store
A large vintage vase from the same region of our Cannes store
John Risley 1960s sculpture in our Paris store
A small sculpture and artwork in our Dallas store
Painting, ‘Simple Gift 2016’, By Australian Artist Tom Polo in our Capri store
Rider by Alasdair McLuckie 2009 in Milan
This Old Island by Laith McGregor 2018 in our Milan store
Artwork in the fitting rooms at South Coast Plaza
‘Stoop Swoop (mine is yours)’ painting in Capri
Our Madison Avenue front window
Uchiwa Fan sconce in our London store
Framed art and a lamp in our Milan store
Large arched doorway inside our Cannes store
Sculpture, 'Black Cockatoo', by Peter Cooley 2020 in Milan
Richard Linder, Shorewood Atelier Gallery in Dallas
Zanzibar poster by David Hockney in our Claremont Store
Madison Avenue paintings and light fixtures
Custom plaster wall light in Palm Beach
‘Give me a minute or gimme a life time’ painting in Capri
Artwork hung above a clothing rack in our Emporium store
Parrots sculpture by Peter Cooley in Paris
Three artworks in our Cannes store
A canvas painting hung above a clothing rack in Dallas
A hung painting and wall light in our Dallas store
‘Simple Gift 2016’ hung in our Capri store
Painting by Tom Polo ’Rose Nose’ 2018 in Dallas
Ceiling Pendant by Ingo Maurer Uchiwa in our South Coast Plaza store
Painting, mirror and side table in Capri
Artwork on the walls of our Madison Avenue store