A Nature Poem For Every Day Of The Year

Edited by Jane McMorland Hunter

There’s something especially poignant about the change of seasons during this period of imposed isolation. In the frequent stillness we may observe subtle changes in the world around us with greater focus and intensity. The stars above us shine more brightly due to the decrease in pollution, last night I was hypnotized by the super-moon. I watch our potted seeds rise incrementally; these mini miracles, after the long soggy winter, are now morphing into splendid buds. On our daily (government sanctioned) walk, we’re ambushed by the explosion of pale green leaves on the Heath’s once bare trees, the chorus of white blossoms and the sway of mighty magnolias laden with flowers. On other days I trail behind as the boys skateboard past cherry blossoms near Swiss Cottage’s now closed municipal library and they are a balm for the soul.  Birds seem to sing more sweetly that ever before as we have now slowed down to a pace that allows us to listen.  It as though we’re no longer rushing past the tiny marvels waving to us on every street corner. In this beautifully bound edition of poems, you can flick to the poem ascribed to the day’s date, for a quick pick-me-up. Yesterday’s poem The Cherry Trees describes this species as rising ‘apparitions’ like ‘spirits strange to this ill world’. What could be more apt! Here is poetry to live by, at a time we may find solace from our strange, ill world in nature’s gifts.

Reviewed for Zimmermann by Sophie Lee.