Romy Frydman

Sip Sake or try your hand at backgammon, life in iso with photographer & stylist Romy Frydman

Micro joys WITH ROMY I love......I wish...... I crave.... I dream....

What's the one thing that you do every day at the moment that brings you joy? 

Time brings me joy, time to do things I have never had previously allowed myself to do during the day & not feel horribly guilty. I can spoil myself with a beauty regime, take up a hobby, watch a movie in the middle of the day. And I’m never late for anything!! Ask anyone, I’m terribly unpunctual and now I’m never rushing like a mad person to get anywhere, except maybe to a zoom/team meeting! I’m pretty cruisy these days. I’m liking the change of pace.

Where is your happy place? 

Reading in the sunshine on my balcony, walks with friends or watching a fav old film in bed oh & I live for sake Friday's ZOOMing with my friends.

Are you a routine person?

Yep love a routine, it’s a Virgo trait! I’ve worked from home for many years now, way before lockdown started so in many ways my day to day hasn’t changed much however, I’m up at 8am which is a huge sleep in for me, a little positive side to ISO.

What sparks your creativity?

I love creating stories for all my shoots, whether it’s seeking inspiration from an old foreign film, piece of art, a book I’ve read, or even just the colour of a sunset. It can come from anywhere. My travelling always helps inspire me too & I’ve been lucky enough with my job to discover some of the most beautiful parts of the world. 

Bridget malcom
Bridget malcom