Victoria Lee

At home in Brooklyn with Victoria Lee

I love……my family I wish…. We took better care for our environment  I crave…. home I dream…. Of positive change following this experience
Bridget malcom

What's the one thing that you do every day at the moment that brings you joy? 
Write in my journal. First thing in the morning I get my coffee, sit down and write anything and everything that comes to mind.

Where is your happy place? 
In nature, either by the ocean or in the country. Anywhere I can smell the fresh air, hear birds and feel the breeze and the sunshine. It reminds me I am part of something so much greater than myself.

Are you a routine person?
Yes. Especially now with so much uncertainty, I’ve found how much I thrive on routine and the little things that ground my day. 

What sparks your creativity?
Nature, people, history, films, food…

micro joy moments by Bridget Malcolm