Plastic Reduction

Reducing, reusing and recycling materials


In conjunction with launching our Social and Environmental Sustainability goals for 2020, Zimmermann is pleased to announce the immediate measures in place against single use plastic within B2B packaging.

In the first stage, we have reduced the weight of the packaging, which already sees a 33% decrease in plastic use per order. A 100% recycled packaging option is currently in development and is expected to be implemented within the coming months.

The drive to reduce plastics also incorporates reusing B2B plastic hangers used for shipment purposes between garment factories and our Australian stores. Once no longer needed in stores, these hangers are sent to our international warehouses for reuse. We have further organised a return and reuse process with our hanger supplier, which involves us returning the hangers to them for cleaning, repackaging, and resending to our garment factories for reuse.

We will be busy implementing these initiatives and more throughout the year.