Craftsmanship & durability


High quality, natural fibres are at the heart of ZIMMERMANN collections, with silk, linen and cottons currently making up three quarters of our range.

ZIMMERMANN creates luxury garments and accessories that are designed to be treasured. We don’t chase trends. There is always an element of timelessness to our designs.

We know that our customers collect our pieces and consider them precious. They wear archival ZIMMERMANN pieces with new ones. Beyond this, ZIMMERMANN garments have multiple lives thanks to their high value on the resale market. In today’s fast fashion context, when many clothes are designed to be disposable, this is meaningful.

We celebrate craftsmanship, highly skilled artisanal techniques and originality, through our unique prints, custom-designed laces, trims and finishes. Many of our garments feature intricate embellishments and handwork that take many hours, and great expertise, to produce.

These are clothes our customers invest in, and we invest in them too: with time, care and obsessive attention to detail, from the design stage right through to the finished garment. This is what we mean when talk about creating collections for durability and longevity.