Bridget Malcolm

Join model Bridget Malcolm as she shares her micro moments of joy from home

micro joy moments by Bridget Malcolm

What's the one thing that you do everyday that brings you joy? 

I get into nature, in some form, and take a few deep breaths. Just being still in beauty, and taking in the smells and sounds of home brings me so much joy and centers me.

Where is your happy place?

The place my mind goes to when I am completely relaxed and existing in the moment. 

Are you a routine person?

Very much so. My life is so spontaneous and unplanned at the best of times - so I find a lot of balance from my routines. 

What sparks your creativity?

Learning and listening to other people’s experiences. I find it so inspiring to witness growth in others. Human connection reminds me of what is possible in the world.

Bridget malcom